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It is located miles from Denver, 90 minutes from Denver International Airport and 40 minutes from I The City of Sterling which is the county seat, is the largest city in the Northeastern Colorado region. Interstate 76 as well as Highways 6, 61, and connect Sterling to the surrounding areas.

Downtown Sterling was listed on the National Register in with 47 sites which contribute to historical significance. With over businesses located in the County — our industrial and commercial sector continues to grow and diversify. We have wind turbines in production or planned. Logan County is fast becoming an energy hub for the Plains. We hope to see you again next year!

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Visit lcfair. The Logan County Fairgrounds and buildings are available for use by the public for a variety of agricultural and non-agricultural related activities including horse shows, farm equipment demonstrations, 4-H and FFA contests, home and trade shows, craft fairs, flea markets, family reunions, dances, wedding receptions, and much more.

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If your group or organization is interested in utilizing the fairgrounds facilities, please call for fees and available dates Skip to main content. Welcome to Logan County, Colorado. Logan County, Colorado.

Deadline to vote is 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 5

Here's where to find the November 5, Election Results. Fraud Alert. Currently, Logan County is experiencing fraud on one of its accounts. Unauthorized checks are being issued by unknown person s without our knowle. There was also evidence that no mortgage had ever been recorded on the grain elevator.

Appellant's allegation that his name would not appear in the records as an owner if he owned stock in a corporation that in turn owned the grain elevator is refuted by the very financial statement in issue on which he left a blank under the heading, "Schedule of Bonds and Stocks. The evidence as to e showed that appellant applied for a Colorado driver's license and indicated that he held no license from any other state. The Cadillac he showed to the bank president had Colorado license plates.

There was evidence that appellant had not registered any automobiles in Colorado. At the time he applied for the loan, appellant showed that his wife was driving the other Cadillac. It was stipulated at trial that appellant was single. There was also evidence that appellant "hung around" the offices of a company that had leased nine Cadillacs with Colorado license plates and that he occasionally took them to be washed.

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The evidence presented on b and c , although not direct evidence, was sufficient, we believe, to permit the jury to find that the statements made were false. As to both of the statements, there was evidence that appellant was "running short of money," was looking for a job, and had only small sums of money in the bank. Likewise, the jury could properly find from the evidence that appellant did not own a valuable grain elevator, that he was not the president of a nonexistent Sterling Enterprises, and that appellant did not have more than a quarter of a million dollars invested in his own business.

We therefore hold that there was sufficient evidence as to each of the portions of the financial statement alleged by the Government to be false to submit each of those allegations to the jury. Appellant finally argues that certificates from the Jefferson County and Logan County, Colorado, Clerks and Recorders to the effect that no trade name affidavit for Sterling Enterprises had been filed in their respective offices were not properly authenticated because they failed to recite that a diligent search of the records had been undertaken.

The Government urges that the certificates were properly admissible under 28 U. Section , while providing for the admission of state and territorial nonjudicial records, makes no provision for certification by the custodian of such records that a certain document is not of record. The certificate from the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder recited that ".

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Kelly E. Stephen W. Munday, M. Vernon Ave. Richard A. Anissa Davis, M. Note: The City of Long Beach only maintains records for one year from the date of event. All other records need to be obtained from the Los Angeles County Recorder's office. Dean C. Muntu Davis, M. Thomas E. Cole, M.

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Vincent P. Susan M. Barbara J. Shannon D. Edward L. Note: Retains one year plus current year. Stephen L.

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