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You will need to be eligible to apply. Refer to the website to see if you meet the criteria. You can buy certificates for marriages that occurred over 50 years ago through the Registry 's website.

Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage & Divorce

You can find information about marriages in death records such as church registers, wills and cemetery records including on headstones. You might find your ancestor's spouse's name. View our most recent social media posts View a list of all our accounts.

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Marriages and divorce Researching marriages Begin researching your ancestor's marriage by finding their marriage certificate, then using other resources such as church registers, newspapers and other genealogical resources to fill in the gaps. Beginning your family history research For more tips and strategies see Beginning your family history research.

About the resources Your ancestor's record might not include all the details that we've listed. The information documented can vary from record to record, especially earlier records as they tend not to contain as much information as later records. Find your ancestor's marriage certificate.

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Early church records from to are also available. Use the index to search across marriages from registries in Australia. Explore more than 3 million marriage records from Catholic parish registers across Ireland. Marriage records are a vital source for family history and can help you extend the branches of your family tree.

More information about the records is provided below.

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For each record, you will find a transcript created from the original marriage record. Most records will also include an image of the marriage register, which may reveal more information.

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Earlier parish registers recorded less information and may have been damaged over the years, resulting in less detailed transcripts. In each transcript you will find a combination of the following information.

Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage & Divorce

The registers were recorded in either English or Latin. Many of the registers recorded events in Latin. In some marriages, special dispensation would have been needed to allow the marriage of two related people.

In these cases, their relation will be recorded as consanguinati , blood relations such as cousins, or affinitatus , related by marriage. The degree of relation will also be explained, for example the record may state consanguinati in tertio grado , which means the couple are second cousins. We have provided a full list of parishes available in these records. Ireland Roman Catholic parish marriages parish list.